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Composition Pedagogy: Short Survey

We’ve lost a fair number of important composer-teachers in the last year, and some of the postings and comments by former students have been wonderful and poignant tributes.  It seems appropriate to send this REQUEST to any current or former composition student who studied with any teacher(s), living or gone:   Please send me 1-2 things … Continue reading


Back to the blog after a longer than expected hiatus…more composition pedagogy blogs also coming soon. *********************************************************************** Recent Events: Saturday, January 30, 2016 Pianist Robert Pherigo performed Voices: In Memoriam (version for solo piano) at a satellite concert by newEar Contemporary Ensemble at Unity Temple in Kansas City, MO. Robert will be recording this version of … Continue reading

Composition Pedagogy: How Do We Teach Musical Creativity? PART ONE

COMPOSITION: HOW DO WE TEACH MUSICAL CREATIVITY? A Series of Posts about the Arts and Education   PART ONE: How does composition teaching differ from that in non-arts fields? College-level teaching paradigms in the arts are often very different from those of general education. As an opening salvo, let’s consider two examples of diverse educational … Continue reading

James Mobberley’s Website

WELCOME TO JAMES (JIM) MOBBERLEY’S WEBSITE I am a composer of contemporary concert music, including orchestra, chamber music, electroacoustic music and music for film, video, the stage, and dance. This site includes my up-to-date professional bio and related information, the first five or six pages of the scores to all my music, and links to recordings of many … Continue reading