List of Works: Score Samples

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The Mozart Tuba Concerto (chamber orchestra)
Capricious Paradise (sinfonietta)
Grand Jete (full orchestra)
Concerto No. 2 for Piano and Chamber Orchestra
Arena (Ballet for Orchestra)
Arena (Concert Version for Orchestra)
Concerto For Marimba (8 hands) and Orchestra
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Deja Voyages (full orchestra)
Synthesis (full orchestra)
Aquaria (full orchestra)

Launch Pad (high school string orchestra)
Time Trial (high school string orchestra)
Harmonic Dreams (middle school string orchestra)
Fantasia Parachicos (8-hand marimba w/string orchestra)

Graduation (wind ensemble)
A Crowd of Stars (wind ensemble and SATB Chorus)
Fantasy in Earth Tones (Wind Ensemble and fixed media)
EllenSong (wind ensemble and horn soloist)
Ascension (2010 version – wind ensemble and fixed media)
Night Waves (18-piece jazz band)
Words of Love (soprano and wind ensemble)
Fanfare: Many Voices, One Future (wind ensemble)
Edges (wind ensemble)
Concerto For Marimba (8 hands) and Wind Ensemble
The Billion Man Fanfare (high school symphonic band)
The Ceremony of Innocence (SATB chorus and wind ens.)
Ascension (wind ensemble and electronic tape)

When You Are Old (SATB, from A Crowd of Stars)
A Crowd of Stars (wind ensemble and SATB Chorus)
At Play in the Fields of the Mind for SATB Chorus
Haiku of Haiku for SATB Chorus
4 French Songs (Canteloube, arr. for Chanticleer)
Poem to Ease Birth (SATB Chorus)
The Ceremony of Innocence (SATB chorus and wind ens.)
Lullaby (SATB chorus with piano)

Cat’s Cradle (piano solo)
Hive Mind (violin & viola)
The Mozart Tuba Concerto (version with piano)
Passing Illuminations (trumpet & organ)
Janus, Reflecting (flute, clarinet & piano)
Triathlon (saxophone solo)
Respiri (flute solo)
Subject to Change Without Notice (viola solo)
Capricious Invariance (piano solo)
Phenomena (piano solo; some movements with CD)
Phenomenon (piano solo)
FUSEBOX (vln, clar, elec gtr, kybd, mallet, drums)
Vox Inhumana for soprano, 7 instruments and electronics
Balancing Act for erhu (Chinese fiddle) and ‘cello
Souvenirs for Chinese flute, erhu, pipa, zheng, and perc
Unexpected Voices (6-10 players/voices)
Voices: In Memoriam (version for solo piano without electronics)
Dim Sum (chinese flute, erhu, zheng, percussion)
North Coast Cool (percussion quartet)
Give ‘em Hell! (piano solo)
Shebam (fl, bass cl, sax, vc, perc, pno)
Two Studies in Perpetual Motion (fl, cl, vln, vc, pno)
A Hint of Mischief (fl, cl, alto sax, vln, vc, perc, pno)
Elegy for Littleton, Colorado (cl, vln, vc)
Trelugue, Peccatas, and Feuds (organ solo)
Toccatas and Interludes (fl/cl/vln/vc/pno/perc)
On Thin Ice (tuba/euphonium ensemble, 9 parts)
Songs of Native North America (sop/ten/8 instruments)
Cyclescape (solo guitar)

Of Hammered Gold (trombone trio and fixed media)
A Plurality of One (alto/soprano saxophone and fixed media)
Gesture Drawings (piano and fixed media)
The Unpurged Images of the Day (trb, piano, fixed media)
Once Again to the Light (alto saxophone and fixed media)
Phenomena (piano solo; some movements with CD)
Alter Ego (‘cello and CD)
Voices: In Memoriam (version for piano with electronics)
Icarus Wept (trumpet and tape or trumpet, organ, and tape)
TNT [Turetzky’n’tape] (contrabass and tape)
Into The Maelstrom (piano and tape)
Spontaneous Combustion (saxes and tape)
In Bocca al Lupo (violin and tape)
Soggiorno (violin and tape)
Critical Mass (organ and tape)
Dialogue (performer/actor and computer)
Caution to the Winds (piano and tape)
BEAMS! (trombone and tape)
Going With the Fire (flute and tape)
A Plurality of One (clarinet and tape)


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